Who We Are

Howard’s Rug Co. has worked on more San Diego landmarks—from hospitals to hotels, corporate offices to laboratories, schools to stadiums—than anyone else in the floorcoverings industry. We commit ourselves everyday to the quality service that our customers deserve, and strive to be the very best in the office and in the field. At Howard’s Rug Co., we have a complete team of experts including sales staff, product specifiers, floorcovering specialists, and support staff ready to assist and accommodate the ever-changing demand for quality flooring. Our best asset is that which is dedicated to this vision: the people who serve our customers.

2023 Company Photo

We Are Local

We service the greater San Diego area, as well as Riverside and Imperial Counties. We have relationships with the people and properties in our city, as well as the manufacturers, distributors, and facilities persons who serve them.

We Are Knowledgable

We provide, install, and understand all types of floorcoverings from carpet and vinyl to tile and stone, epoxy, access flooring, and concrete moisture suppression. We have cultivated our expertise for more than 70 years, on tens of thousands of successful projects. We dedicate time to training and continuing education on new materials and techniques as well as potential hazards. Each day, we employ this knowledge in our craft.

Howard's Pyramid of Values

The following graphic is representative of the Howard's Rug Co. philosophy—the Howard's way of doing things. These values manifest daily in business and in other transactions or handling of events, such as the famous "victory dinner," a celebratory dinner thrown upon the completion of a project.


The following timeline shows some of the various individuals involved in maintaining the company since it was founded as a mom-and-pop-style rug business by Howard Riddle in 1943. The company flourished over the years, eventually changing ownership and splitting into five Southern California locations, each independently owned and operated. Today, Howard's Rug Company of San Diego, owned by Rob Hailey, is operating under the Howard's name in San Diego County.

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